Interviews at the Bible Lands museum. I was presenting the pyramids. 


Surprises on the road. 


Oh, how I wish for one of these right now. 


My year’s final-final projects’ presentations and exhibition. My emotions are mixed, of course: on the one hand I’m extremely happy and excited for them, and I could not keep my eyes dry while hearing the amazing critics they’ve got and seeing how much each of them had accomplished in their projects. But at the same time, knowing I left in the middle of this process and left behind, kinda made me feel sad. 

I hope next year my work will be there as well. 


Some quality time with Emily, before her trip to London. Sushi and our Sebastian fruit-shake. 


I love letters magnets! 

[Up: “Hasamba were here” - the name of our Jerusalem swing group, Down: “The Amazing Sasha” and “Lobster”]


Reading together.


The World Cup final is here!!!! Such an excitement!!! 

Of course we went out to watch it properly, with chips and beer, and I also baked beer muffins earlier that day. Go Germany!


The Pusheen plush is ready!!! It’s so fluffy and cute! I hope emily likes it.  


This is what I did all day, demonstrated by Sasha.