A birthday card for dad, and a day in Tel Aviv.

[When we separated / 
I rushed home / 
of objects / 
Like I never was before.]


Sometimes I think I give presents for the people I love so there will always be something of me surrounding them. 
I hate this thought.


A gift for a friend, bought long ago in the other part of the world.


I hate antibiotics. 


Einstein wishes me luck on my exam. That’s very big of him, I must say, regarding the subject of the course. 


Studying for an exam in Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. I’ve never attended a single class of this course, so I used vihartvihart ThroughTheLookingGlass channel for studying. Lucky for me, when I was young I used to read a lot about this subject, so I had the basic understanding of the material, and those videos are amazingly understandable. I hope for the best.

(News from the future: the best indeed happened.)


Playing Jenga, drinking wine. A Friday night well spent.


A job interview at the Science Museum This was my little assistant.