Passover is here, and after an exhaustingly long day, the table is finally set, and there’s time for some selfies with my ridiculously amazing nephew. 


My paper cranes mobile is finally ready! I was collecting maps for years, from every place I was traveling at, and decided that instead of keeping them in a drawer, I’ll turn them into something useful. So, here they are (well, at least some of them). I’m happy with the result (: 


Eating tahini cookies, working on my mobile. Weekend is here.


Swingin’ in the street! The Lindy Hop street party we organised turned out to be successful and happy, we even got to be painted during it! 

And of course, every party has an after-party, this time with fruit shakes and fruit salads, perfect for this warm and sunny day.


An AWFUL photo of such a fun event - we went a bunch of lindy hoppers to see a jazz group playing. They were awesome and we danced the whole evening long. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me.


Dafi, Anna and I took a spontaneous trip to Tel Aviv, to listen to the graffiti artist Know Hope talk about his work in an art gallery. Sadly, we missed the event, but we earned some good quality time we didn’t have for such a long time, maybe even over a year.


Ivana came back from Argentina, and she brought me MATE!!!! OH GOD I’M SO HAPPY!!!!! I missed mate so so much. And now my cute mate can be in use once again! 

It also brought some memories with it. 


It was such a busy day, full of attractions, and somehow what I got out of it was the sky reflecting in my desk. 

[I love this blue life of mine / love it, won’t change it for nothing / No one’s dreams can be more real than mine / I lived off dreaming for so long / No one’s hope can be stronger than mine / it survived where no hope can grow.]


Ruth Dolores-Weiss performing in the concert for the release of her new album. She is one of my favourite artists, in Israel and in general, the way she sings and creates words and music is inspiring, unforgettable, emotional, moving.

It’s been a while since I believed in words, in anything, like I did when I heard her once again.

[Little darling, it’s been a long, 
lonely winter / Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been clear / Here comes the sun / Here comes the sun, and I say, / it’s all right.]